OEM Manufacturing

Fine Italian craftsmanship.
Between tradition and innovation

We maintain a fully equipped metal stamping department including automatic presses, automatic seam-welding machines, and cutting edge robotic technology to assist in the stamping and welding process resulting in improved quality, tolerances, and output. 
Our magazines feature perfectly interchangeable components which are the result of the finest precision stamping, bending and drawing operations. 
Our in-house heat treatment system monitors the entire process from the hardening step to the stress relief; all variables are kept under control so our parts comply to the tightest specifications.
Thousands of components are needed when manufacturing hundreds of different models of magazines: our skilled assembly department catalogs parts and assembles thousands of magazines daily.
The shipping department then carefully packages the magazines and ships them to customers around the world.

OEM Manufacturing

Always on the forefront of magazine design


We made the decision to be the first firearm magazine manufacturer to convert to TIG welding of thin material magazine tube. The result is the durable and seamless finish that have become a trademark of Mec-Gar magazines.

US PATENT# 5,386,657

We are proud to have received United States patent # 5,386,657 which focuses on a proprietary spring and follower design. As a result, a shooter can now increase the firepower of their firearm by using a higher capacity magazine which does not increase its length.


In 2007 we started to offer a proprietary Anti-Friction Coating (AFC) as a finish option on our magazines.  AFC magazines allows for easier loading and unloading of ammunition by reducing the friction of the rounds of ammunition rubbing against the interior walls of the magazine tube resulting in increased feeding reliability.